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with Pat Gelsinger and Greg Nettle

Date: August 9th        Time: 11:00am EST (replay available)
Topic: Applying Hero Maker Practices in the Marketplace
Guests: Pat Gelsinger, and host Greg Nettle

Special Guest: Pat Gelsinger has been serving as CEO of VMware since September 2012, nearly doubling the size of the company during his tenure. A respected IT industry veteran, he was at Intel for 30 years becoming the company’s first CTO and driving the creation of key industry technologies including USB and Wi-Fi. Pat will be speaking at the Exponential Regional in the Bay Area, October 22-23.

Host: Greg Nettle is the President of Stadia Church Planting. He is an author, speaker and consultant as an agent of change in the global church. For 25 years, Greg served as visionary leader of the RiverTree Movement in Ohio. During that time the church grew from 100 to more than 3,000 people, from 1 to 4 campuses, helped plant 15 churches throughout Ohio and 13 in Latin America, sponsored more than 2,000 children with Compassion International and involved more than 200 families in adoption. Greg’s most important partner in life is his wife Julie as they lead their children, Tabitha and Elijah, to fall deeply in love with Jesus. Greg has co-authored three books: Small Matters, in collaboration with Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado, One Of and Disciples Who Make Disciples.

Webinar Topic

Applying Hero Maker Practices in the Marketplace

Hero Maker is the theme for Exponential 2018. It is based on Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders from the book Hero Maker by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird. These five essential practices include multiplication thinking, permission giving, disciple multiplying, gift activating, and Kingdom Building. Most leaders measure success by what they accumulate, build and leave behind here on earth. They see themselves as the hero at the center of their own story.  Hero-makers focus on who they catapult forward beyond themselves to have an eternal impact in God’s unfolding story.


Join Greg Nettle and Pat Gelsinger as they discuss applying hero maker practices in the marketplace!

August 9, 11am EST


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