Exponential 2020 Registration Additions

We are excited that you are joining us at Exponential Orlando 2020! Please use the form below to pay for a spouse registration or add a pre-conference lab to your existing registration. If you have multiple people in your group, simply complete this form for each person. If you have any questions, email us at: support@exponential.org


Pre-Conference Options

5Q Leadership Revolution: Using APEST to Create Movemental Culture hosted by 100 Movements
In this Pre-Conference, we will do a very brief overview of APEST, and then shift to the discussion around Fivefold Intelligence (5Q) and the Activation, Implementation, Equipping Growth, Marks of health and Stewardship of this leadership in your culture.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson, Jessie Cruickshank, Brad Brisco, Bryan Sims, Andrew Arnold.

Church Planting Nuts & Bolts hosted by Passion for Planting
On Day 1, we’ll focus on real-world, proven and practical methods of disciple making. On Day 2, we’ll provide the “how to” nuts and bolts (with tools & templates) essential to church planting.
Speakers: Brett Andrews, Elmer Towns, Phil Ling, Jeff McDaniel, Pat Furgerson, Dale Spaulding, Patrick Bradley, Sean Cronin.

Collaborate: Working Together to Advance the Church hosted by Leadership Network
You will collaborate with trusted thought-leaders in the Church, discover new insights, and develop implementation pathways that will help you advance your capacity to pursue the Great Collaboration.
Speakers: Darren Young, Greg Ligon, Collin Jones, Mac Lake, Matt May, Kadi Cole, Bart Rendel, Doug Parks, Chris Willard, Luke Bobo.

Cultivating a Naturally Supernatural Lifestyle hosted by Dandelion Resourcing
If you hunger to see more of the supernatural gifts operate in your life, family and ministry — and are looking for grounded ways to teach and model this to those you lead and love — then this pre-conference will be for you.
Speakers: Alex Absalom, Hannah Absalom.

Disciple Making: Activating Disciple Making Churches and Movements hosted by Discipleship.org
Topics include disciple making movements, forming a prayer base and training leaders, finding a person of peace, discovery Bible study, and multiplying churches.
Speakers: Bobby Harrington, Todd Wilson, Shodankeh Johnson, Bill Hull, Brandon Guindon, Dave Clayton, Jim Putman, Corey Trimble.

Evangelism: The Changing Face of Evangelism and the Well-Being of the City Hosted by Cru
This evangelism training is comprised of interactive sessions, experiential learning, self-discovery and both mentoring and on-line community opportunities.
Speakers: Dave Robinson, Gabor Gresz, Amy Karst.

Igniting Fresh Ministry in Stagnant Places hosted by Great Commission Research Network
The topics addressed include Church Revitalization, Entrepreneurial Church Planting, Alternative Financial Strategies for Planting and Sustaining Churches, Restarting Dying Churches, Ministry in the Marketplace, Creative Pastoral Leadership, and Effective Time Management for Maximizing Ministry Impact.
Speakers: Ken Priddy, Tom Harper, Winfield Bevins, Jerry Rueb, Jay Moon, Ben Penfold, Gary McIntosh, Billy McMahan.

KDSC: Planting Churches That Engage the Local Community and Impact the World hosted by GlocalNet
Join us for this pre-conference as we discover how lens of KDSC (Kingdom, Disciple, Society & Church) position us to plant a different kind of church — a church for the public square.
Speakers: Bob Roberts, Steve Bezner, Kevin Brown, Nic Burleson, Kevin Cox, Michael Seaman, Scott Venable.

Leadership: Building a Winning Team hosted by Courage to Lead
When Jesus got ready to change the world, he built a great Team. If Jesus needed a great Team, do you think you might? You can’t do this without … a great team; a healthy team; and a highly competent and unified team. In this preconference we’ll show you how to build a winning team!
Speakers: Shawn Lovejoy, Mike Ash.

Missional: Interactive Coaching for Your Team in Catalyzing Missional Movement hosted by Forge America
Themes will include the missionary nature of the church, mobilization, missional discipleship, incarnation mission, and launching missional expressions.
Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Deb Hirsch, Mark Nelson, Molly Conaway, Ryan Hairston, Brad Brisco, Timothy Wynn, Michael Carrion, Jon Ritner.

Mobilizing Lay Leaders for Church Planting hosted by Path 1
This pre-conference will apply missional principles for how laity can reach non-Christians and nominal Christians by knowing the “why” of church planting and the “how to.”
Speakers: Bryan Tener, Rachel Gilmore.

Multi-Ethnic hosted by Mosaix
This pre-conference is designed to help pastors and church planters establish healthy multi-ethnic, economically diverse, socially just, and financially sustainable churches in the 21st century for the sake of the Gospel.
Speakers: Mark DeYmaz, Mont Mitchell, William Karshima, Shiloh Karshima.

Multiplication hosted by Exponential
This Equipping Lab will help you understand the context of your current situation, identify a way forward, and give you practical guidance on what to expect on the journey.
Speakers: Todd Wilson, Bill Couchenour, Dave Clayton, Lucas Pulley, Brian Bloye, Larry Walkemeyer, Dave Ferguson, Rob Wegner, Ralph Moore.

Multiplying Movements hosted by Generate
In this session, we unpack how you can empower a movement that connects, disciples, and builds community — in the harvest, for the harvest — in any context (urban, rural, suburban, or tribal).
Speakers: Dan Grider, Rodney Arnold, Russ Johnson, Tony Sorci.

Multisite Equipping Labs hosted by MultiSite Solutions
Learn the basics of launching strong, how to multiply churches through multisite, mergers, and microsites in rural contexts.
Speakers: Jim Tomberlin, Rich birch, Kadi Cole, Andy Addis.

Navigating the Turbulent Tides of Leadership hosted by Healthy Growing Churches
You likely began your leadership journey full of hope and joy for the tasks set before you. You’ve worked hard, and now you may be asking yourself some questions. “Why do I feel so alone, isolated, and depressed?” “Why am I so disconnected from my spouse, family, and friends?” Or you may be thinking, “I’m so tired. I just don’t want to do this anymore.” You are not alone.
Speakers: Tom Planck, Greg Wiens, Rich Robinson, Keri Ladouceur, Brad Brisco.

Personal Calling: Made for More hosted by Disciples Made
We’ll provide a framework and practical tools to shift from a “we can build it, you can help” approach to a “you can build it, we can help” approach. 
Speakers: Rob Wegner, Brian Phipps.

Reaching, Raising, and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z hosted by Initiative Network
This pre-conference will give insight into how to structure an environment that caters to the Next-Gen without compromising your mission. What if we went from a place that is reaching young people to a launching pad for young, local missionaries?
Speakers: Grant Skeldon, Monica Zuniga, Luke Lezon.

Re-Thinking Church Planting Through Covocational and Marketplace Strategies
This pre-conference will explore how Covocational and Marketplace Church Planting can be one of the best missiological and financial strategies for planting a new church.
Speakers: Hugh Halter, Brianna Wilkerson, Brad Brisco, Taylor McCall.

Together: The Great Collaboration hosted by NewThing Network
We understand the great commission; and we believe in the great commandment; but we have forgotten Jesus’ challenge of the great collaboration in John 17 that we are to do the mission “Together!” Jesus offers us a vision of a “Together” church that prioritizes relationships (with God, family, team and network) as the way to be and do God’s mission.
Speakers: Dave Ferguson, Sue Ferguson, Patrick O’Connell, Kevin Davis, Ted Coniaris, Myron Pierce, Rob Wegner, James Griffin, Oscar Muriu.

Women in Ministry: Working Together for Kingdom Collaboration hosted by The Truth Republic
Women have important roles to play in the church. Whether you are a lead pastor, the spouse of a lead pastor, co-planter or church support staff, join us as we discuss being together with God, your family, and your team.
Speakers: Deb Walkemeyer, Carrie Williams, Autumn Katz, Candace Lewis, Rachel Gilmore, Kadi Cole, Keri Ladouceur.