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Personal Calling — Younique: How to Deliver Gospel Centered Life Design to Every Believer

An Equipping Lab for Church Leaders

It’s no great secret that we are facing a discipleship crisis in the North American church. Most have identified that the vast majority of the decline of the church is due mainly to our inability to create a culture of discipleship in our local churches. Knowing the problem is one thing. Finding the right solution is something else altogether. We would humbly submit to you that we have seen extraordinary fruit from churches embracing what we call Gospel-Centered Life Design. The key, we think, is understanding how General Calling and Specifical Calling come together.
In this Pre-Conference, we will look at how using Gospel-Centered Life Design with the people in your church could radically change the trajectory and fruitfulness of your church.


February 26-27, 2018


Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am


Student Center - Room 140


Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, David Loveless, and Kandi Pfeiffer

The Topics

For Church Multiplication Leaders

 Identifying your general calling
Using the Gospel Centered Life Design
Discovering your Specifical calling
Making disciples in your church

A great way to invest in your church. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be inspired, equipped, and empowered to find your PERSONAL CALLING!

The Opportunity

Discover Your Personal Calling

“I always love recommending Exponential to church leaders because of the size of the gathering, the scope of great content, and the visceral energy for the mission of Jesus.”

Will Mancini, Founder of Younique and Auxano


Personal Calling Practitioners

Will Mancini

Will Mancini

Will Mancini is the founder of Auxano, a non-profit church consulting group, and Younique, a training and certification company for personal calling and life planning through the church. As a recognized thought leader, he leads a team of "navigators" who work with over 400 church teams a year to create break-thru clarity and execute their vision. Will's previous work experience includes more than 20 years in ministry that grew out of his earlier career as a chemical engineer and ad agency executive. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary,

Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes

In a world that is constantly shifting, consistency is of utmost importance. Through the developed skills of Communication, Coaching, Consultation and Collaboration, Dave Rhodes empowers leaders in The Art of Congruency – developing personal lives and corporate cultures that are constantly changing but never random. Dave currently works as the Pastor of Discipleship and Movement Initiatives at Grace Fellowship Church in Atlanta Georgia. He is a sought after speaker, writer, consultant and coach.

David Loveless

David Loveless

David Loveless is a leadership coach, pastor to pastors and strategic, spiritual advisor to numerous churches and ministries. He has trained leaders in over 50 countries, often as a representative of The Willow Creek Association. For 29 years David served as founding pastor of Discovery Church, Orlando, Fl. During that time, Discovery was identified as one of "America's Most Influential Churches" and it was named one of the Fastest Growing U.S. Churches in the 21st Century by Outreach Magazine.

Kandi Pfeiffer

Kandi Pfeiffer

Kandi Pfeiffer is a preeminent strategist in putting vision to practice in any context. She has helped build and align various organizations from churches to the likes of 3DM, 100M, Younique and more. She is a gifted leader, communicator, discipler, and advocate of a revival lifestyle for all people. Kandi currently serves with her husband as pastors of New Hope Church in San Diego. She loves time with her kids, power tools, building stuff and the journey of life.

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