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Multiplication Movements – Leadership Revolution: Using APEST to Create Movemental Culture

An Equipping Lab for Church Leaders

At this point, many churches and church leaders have accepted the idea of the APEST model in principle for their local expression, denomination or agency. But it’s time to push past principle and paradigm and dive headlong into practice. If we will do that, we will see a leadership revolution on our hands that can finally lead us to the frontlines of church-as-movement. In this Pre-Conference, we will do a very brief overview of APEST, and then shift to discussion around the Marks, Growth, Activation, Implementation and Stewardship of this leadership in your culture.


February 26-27, 2018


Monday 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 11:30am


Faith Hall - Room 301 B


Alan Hirsch, Rich Robinson, Brad Brisco, Alicia Crumpton, and Jessie Cruickshank

The Topics

For Church Multiplication Leaders

 Overview of APEST
Marks of a movemental church
Practices that produce growth
Activating APEST among every believer

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The Challenge

Our Need for Movemental Thinking

“The mission of God flows directly through every believer and every community of faith that adheres to Jesus. To obstruct this is to block God’s purposes in and through his people.”

Alan Hirsch, Founder of Forge Mission Training Network


Multiplication Practitioners

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch is the founding director of Forge Mission Training Network. Currently he co-leads Future Travelers, an innovative learning program helping megachurches become missional movements. Known for his innovative approach to mission, Alan is considered to be a thought-leader and key mission strategist for churches across the Western world. His experience includes leading a local church movement among the marginalized, developing training systems for innovative missional leaders, and heading up the mission and revitalization work of his denomination.

Brad Brisco

Brad Brisco

Brad is currently the Director of Bivocational Church Planting for the North American Mission Board. He holds a doctorate in the area of missional ecclesiology; his doctoral thesis was on assisting existing congregations in transitioning in a missional direction. He also serves on the National Leadership team for Forge America Mission Training Network. Brad is the co-author of Missional Essentials, a twelve-week small group study guide, The Missional Quest: Becoming a Church of the Long Run, and Next Door As It Is In Heaven. He and his wife have three children and have been foster parents to more than fifty other kids.

Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson

Rich is the Director of 5Q Collective, the training arm of 5Q, which is part of the 100 Movements family. He also leads Catalyse Change, an organization and collective of pioneering leaders who provide training and coaching for leaders, teams and organizations to equip and enable them around discipleship, leadership, mission and multiplication. Over the past 10 years he has led pioneering work using 3dm tools and training across Europe, Australia and Canada. In the last few years the work has grown into parts of Asia and Africa too.

Alicia Crumpton

Alicia Crumpton

Alicia is educational consultant and coach on 5Q Collective team. In between exploring cities and art, she directs the online PhD in Leadership Studies at Johnson University where she teaches, listens, and coaches working adults in their pursuit of a Ph.D. She is passionate about and committed to educational strategies serving to develop profit, nonprofit and public sector Christian leaders. She balances her student time with continuing a 30+ year management consulting practice (KaleidoVenture.com) providing strategic planning, operational assessment, and leadership coaching services within the public sector.

Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank is a nationally recognized expert in both the fields of neuroeducation and experiential education. She has spent over a decade applying neuroeducation research to experiential education, adventure education, discipleship, and ministry training. Jessie is a core team member of 100Movements, focusing on assessing APEST in organizations, developing authentic learning environments and building communitas.

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